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Upgrading Desktop PC require work and research, but it handsomely pays off

Tweet I just bought a new desktop after eight years living on a Dell 8300 Pentium 4 for which I plunked down $2562 on April 2, 2003. This time around, I spent $799.98 for a HP Pavilion Elite 410F. My purchase […]

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Droid 2 Marginally Improves on Original Droid

The Droid is the fourth Android-based smartphone from I've had the chance to test out during the past 10 months and I must say, there's a certain sameness

I’ll pass on magicJack

Someone was extolling the virtues of magicJack recently at a party. magicJack is the $40 gizmo you plug into any USB port. Then you plug in any

Dell Calls for Netbook Feedback

[caption id="attachment_882" align="alignleft" width="45" caption="Dell chief blogger Lionel Menchaca"][/caption] Last Thursday, Google cast a line on Craigs List for netbook users to survey. Today, it was Dell's turn. In

Moving to Gmail brightens my Outlook

Someone twittered the other day, saying they wish they could quit Outlook as a mail client. Many are trapped at work given that Exchange servers are

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