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Whatever happened to Netbooks?

Tweet Netbooks were all the rage in 2009 and a dog in 2010. The bloom came off the netbook rose early last year, possibly in anticipation of the iPad and then directly from the wildly popular tablet. Here’s an excerpt […]

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MSI Wind Wins PC Pitstop’s Top Netbook Honors

PC Pitstop has conducted a netbook satisfaction survey which places the MSI Wind U100 at the top. Pitstop surveys folks downloading its Overdrive diagnostic download and

Netbook Free from Verizon for new FIOS sign-ups

A Verizon TV ad pushing a free Compaq netbook caught my attention today. I only caught the tail end of it, but apparently my ears were not decieving

Verizon MiFi Wins over bundled Mobile Wireless in HP Mini

My full review of the HP Mini Model 1151NR bundled with Verizon mobile broadband is now up at In any case, I give it a

Verizon Mobile Broadband Habit Forming

I've been playing with HP Mini Model 1151NR that come bundled with Verizon Mobile Broadband for a couple of weeks now and the convenience is growing on me. It's much slower than

HP Mini w/ Mobile Broadband,

I have not posted for several days because I was busy with my new CBS Interactive blog ThinkingTech at Check it out. We'll cover all manner of smart

Netbooks Getting Colorful (`cept Acer)

[caption id="attachment_1032" align="alignleft" width="127" caption="Seeing red is goal of HP's Vivienne Tam edition"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_1033" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Dell Mini 10v is awash in colors"][/caption] You can have a netbook in

Microsoft Confirms Ditching App Limit in Windows 7 Starter

As expected, Microsoft has eliminated the limitation of running up to only three applications at once in Windows Starter edition, the netbook operating system. The announcement was made

Windows 7 on a Netbook: A Qualified “Yes” from TDR

[caption id="attachment_970" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Windows 7 desktop"] [/caption]

Windows 7 on a Netbook Review to be Posted Tomorrow

Many exciting things are on tap for The Dodge Retort and yours truly, John Dodge. From the top: -- Tomorrow, I will post my First Look at the Windows

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