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Twitter turns seven video

Happy seventh birthday, Twitter

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Twitter, the consumer complaint center

The best way to test if companies are using social media is to complain about them. I had occasion to do so twice this week on Twitter. One

Upgrading Desktop PC require work and research, but it handsomely pays off

I just bought a new desktop after eight years living on a Dell 8300 Pentium 4 for which I plunked down $2562 on April 2, 2003. This time around,

`Un-Hoodie-ed’ Zuckerberg Speaks on Privacy

Here's an interesting 52-minute interview with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg by Wall Street Journal tech columnist Walt Mossberg and D: All Things Digital co-producer and host

Who Do You Follow on Twitter and Why?

Who do you follow on Twitter and why do you follow them? Before I explain my views, I'd be interested in hearing  about who you follow and

Flutter, the next Twitter? Let’s Flutterize!

Flutter is the next Twitter, only at 26 characters. It makes Twitter's 140 character limit seem like a novel. Hilarious video spoof especially the glasses that shows ads.

Clawing your way to a Mega Twitter Following

Like many journalists, I have been working on building a Twitter following. I follow people who like the things I do seem to draw in likewise followers.

Newspapers Need to Sweat the Small Stuff in Social Media

A widely-publicized Gartner survey says newspapers are missing out on the social media revolution. Newspaper search is below par next to Google or Yahoo and they have

My 400th Twitter Follower: Is this a Omen?

ようこそ、John Dodge (johnmdodge)! Koji Shida (koji_shida) があなたをフォローし始めました。 下のリンクで Koji Shida のプロフィールを確認してみてください。 Koji Shidaをフォローするために、「フォロー」のボタンをクリックしてください。 それでは Twitter -- こうしたメールによる通知を中止したい場合はこちら:

Twitter Lingo from Tweet Town

Do you know what you're doing if you Twoogle? Here's Tweet Town's definition: "Twoogle - Twitter as the human Google. Pose a question, get near-instantaneous results. The Wall

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