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Reviewing Windows 8 reviews – as “exhausting” as using the new OS

Tweet My accountant the other day said she’s in the market for a new PC and asked if she and her family should upgrade to Windows 8. Having covered PC technology for many years, she thought I might have some […]

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Windows checking for a solution…oh, really?!

Two blue screens of death (BSOD)  in as many weeks: Yikes, is it my under a year old desktop? Windows 7? Some of my apps? I have no idea

Is Windows 7 more reliable than its predecessors?

Is Windows 7 really that much better from previous versions...or than much more reliable? I am beginning to think not all that much given huge expectations for Win7. After using

Whatever happened to Netbooks?

Netbooks were all the rage in 2009 and a dog in 2010. The bloom came off the netbook rose early last year, possibly in anticipation of the iPad

Upgrading Desktop PC require work and research, but it handsomely pays off

I just bought a new desktop after eight years living on a Dell 8300 Pentium 4 for which I plunked down $2562 on April 2, 2003. This time around,

Buying a Long Overdue Desktop

[caption id="attachment_1658" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Dell Studio XPS 8100"][/caption] It's been almost eight years since I acquired my last desktop computer. It's time to go shopping for a new

McAfee Madness

When three of your computers start acting up, you look for the common culprit. By acting up, I mean slow to a crawl or shut you out of

Why don’t I love my iPad?

Well, I've had the iPad for a month and I am supposed to love it. Guess what? I don't know quite what to do with it. It seems like

IPad fun, but an Adjustment for Veteran PC user

I wish I could tell you this is my first post composed on my new iPad, but its on-screen keyboard doesn't come when I use WordPress 3.0 in

PC Printer and “quality” should not be uttered in same breath

A couple of months ago, I questioned why notebook touchpads were so bad and my sentiments struck a chord with readers who for the most part

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