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Twitter turns seven video

Happy seventh birthday, Twitter

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`Un-Hoodie-ed’ Zuckerberg Speaks on Privacy

Here's an interesting 52-minute interview with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg by Wall Street Journal tech columnist Walt Mossberg and D: All Things Digital co-producer and host

Mark Zuckerberg, The Social Network: reviewing a review

The Social Network movie is getting a lot of attention and in my initial positive review a few days ago, I said Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg needs

The Social Network a Good Yarn, but Incomplete

The movie The Social Network is a worthy and multi-faceted flick. It evoked some thoughts given I have traveled in  high tech circles for most of my

Newspapers Need to Sweat the Small Stuff in Social Media

A widely-publicized Gartner survey says newspapers are missing out on the social media revolution. Newspaper search is below par next to Google or Yahoo and they have after Week one

It''s been four days since I posted because I have been so busy with the launch of ITnews .com. It's been a blast so much news,

Facebook User Rights: Some Clarity

I don't know about you, but I do not lay awake nights thinking about Facebook's Terms of Use. I applaud their efforts announced yesterday to democratize the

Seeking Twitter, Facebook to Blog Widget

Here's what bugs me. My twitter tweets and blog posts both automatically post to  Facebook. There seems like plenty of apps to make this happen.  So FB and

TOS Flap Shows how User Control Over Facebook is Lost

Facebookies were justifiably upset about the new Terms of Service which gave Facebook, the company, rights to user content forever - as in after you deactivate an

Getting to Second Base with WordPress

I gushed about Wordpress a few posts ago because it got me up so quickly on the web within the powerful clutches of a full-blown and free

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