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Verizon iPhone Neurosis

Tweet My Verizon Wireless iPhone arrived via Fedex today and for hours, I’ve been hesitating to peel off the shrink wrap and take it out of the box. I’ve taken so long to make this decision, I am preserving the […]

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Verizon iPhone announced, arrives early February

The Verizon iPhone arrived at 11 a.m. ET this morning, but Verizon's Wireless (VW) site is very clearly being bombarded with requests. So I grabbed a VW photo

Verizon’s 10 4G Devices due mid-2011

[caption id="attachment_1761" align="alignright" width="223" caption="HTC's 4G Thunderbolt from Verizon Wireless"][/caption] Here's a rundown of Verizon's 4G devices introduced two days ago at the Consumer Electronics Show in las

`Un-Hoodie-ed’ Zuckerberg Speaks on Privacy

Here's an interesting 52-minute interview with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg by Wall Street Journal tech columnist Walt Mossberg and D: All Things Digital co-producer and host

Flicker Afflicts Some Droid X displays

I knew there was another reason I liked Droid Incredible better Droid X Android-based smartphone. The "flicker and banding" problems with Droid X displays story broke yesterday

Droid X Debuts, Verizon Continues Smartphone Blitz

Verizon, which offers more  Smartphones or cell phones for that matter, added the Droid X to its expanding stable of hot Android phones. [Follow me on Twitter.] [caption

Windows 7 Starter Announcement Imminent – App Ceiling Probably Scrapped

Google Interviewing Netbook Users

Google wants to know how you use a netbook and is willing to part with a $75 American gioft certificate if you'll come into their offices this week

App Developer Hints at Android-based Netbooks from Dell

FierceWireless blurbed earlier today that a Seattle company issued a news release saying it was porting Adobe Flash Lite 3.17 technology (Flash for mobile phones and

Netbooks Impact PC Connections’ Results, Motorola Recovery Rests on Android

PC Connection  and Motorola released quarterly earnings today both reflect troublesome trends within  PC and handset markets as well as hope for the future. Indeed, netbooks are not saviors

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