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Journalists will like Spotlight, the flick

Tweet As a lifelong journalist, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie Spotlight because it shows the power of persistent¬†reporting in the face of long odds. “Show them. Don’t tell them,” my city room professor and former Globe reporter Jon Klarfeld said […]

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Fit to Print Trailer

Below is a really terrific video trailer about journalism and all the noise made by 24-hour political channels (er, Fox News, maybe?). The trailer is for "Fit

Mark Zuckerberg, The Social Network: reviewing a review

The Social Network movie is getting a lot of attention and in my initial positive review a few days ago, I said Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg needs

UAL 747 Buzzing Golden Gate Cool? Uncool?

A Boeing 747 during a Blue Angels air show last weekend flew low over the Golden Gate Bridge. While many gawked and thought it was great, a SF

My new Gig Starts Now

Starting this week, I return to fulltime work launching for tech publisher IDG.  The opportunity to aggregate the immense amount of content generated by IDG's well-established brands

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