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HTC Thunderbolt

Verizon’s first 4G smart phone underwhelms

Tweet I was worried when I upped for a 3G Verizon Wireless iPhone when it came out in early February. Now that I have had a chance to play with Verizon Wireless’s first 4G phone, the HTC Thunderbolt, I am […]

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HTC Thunderbolt to be Verizon’s first 4G Smartphone?

[caption id="attachment_1749" align="alignright" width="223" caption="credit:"][/caption] Now this is the phone I want. It's purportedly the HTC 4G "Thunderbolt" that Verizon will show off at CES next week,

To 4G or not to 4G

For now, my 4G decision is easy because Verizon has already made it for me. It's way too expensive and I have to wait because the service in

Samsung Fascinate One of Best Android Smart Phones Yet

The Samsung Fascinate is the fifth Android smart phone I've reviewed in the past year and it reflects the evolution of Android devices. It may be my favorite

Verizon MiFi Wins over bundled Mobile Wireless in HP Mini

My full review of the HP Mini Model 1151NR bundled with Verizon mobile broadband is now up at In any case, I give it a

Verizon Mobile Broadband Habit Forming

I've been playing with HP Mini Model 1151NR that come bundled with Verizon Mobile Broadband for a couple of weeks now and the convenience is growing on me. It's much slower than

HP Mini w/ Mobile Broadband,

I have not posted for several days because I was busy with my new CBS Interactive blog ThinkingTech at Check it out. We'll cover all manner of smart

Cruising with Verizon VZAccess

I am cruising in the passenger seat along I-95 in Maine ready to post thanks for my Verizon VZAccess mobile broadband. It's the version that comes bundled with

Verizon Wireless Friends & Family Update

Verizon pitched me recently on doing a post on its Friends & Family calling program launched in February. That's where qualifying customers can exclude five or ten numbers

Verizon, HP Release 3G Netbook

Verizon has made it official - the HP NR115 packaged with mobile broadband will hit Verizon's online store and its retail stores Sunday. The unit

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