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Win7 PC junk collection

Tweet Ever wonder how much junk a Windows 7 PC picks up in a couple of days? You know – the stuff that slows down performance, makes shutting down lengthy if not impossible and slows down Internet speeds when it […]

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The big one that didn't get way. Banjo fitting is at right.

B2100 hydraulic line removal, Dodge 1, Kubota 0

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The big one that didn't get way. Banjo fitting

HTC Thunderbolt

Verizon’s first 4G smart phone underwhelms

I was worried when I upped for a 3G Verizon Wireless iPhone when it came out in early February. Now that I have had a chance to


45 Pan Mass donors and counting!

What better way to celebrate a new hosting service and faster Dodge Retort than to run the list of 43 donors who so far have supported My Ride

TDR new look

Dodge Retort to get new host, facelift

The Dodge Retort will get a new hosting server this weekend, meaning the site will be down from Friday to Sunday as my database is moved to


The iTunes Hairball

Among Sun Microsystems (now Oracle something or other) founder Scott NcNealy's favorite potshots at Microsoft was calling Windows a "hairball." Know what? iTunes is a bigger

Jeopardy, Watson go home

Over the past three nights, I have watched Watson, the IBM supercomputer, make mince meat of the two most formidable Jeopardy players ever. The inherently unfair contest gave

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