Nokia needs a Netbook after Dismal Q1

After a precipitous drop in handset sales during the first quarter, Nokia sure could use a product or something to reinvigorate sagging handset sales. Could that be a Symbian-based netbook that has been rumored for more than a month?

Yesterday, Nokia reported handset sales plunged 26.8% in the first quarter during which it sold 92.3 million handsets.   The second quarter, according to company guidance, will be roughly the same or slightly better, but overall handset sales will decline 10% in 2009.

Nokia N810: Smart phone or netbook-alike?
Nokia N810: Smart phone or netbook-alike?

Nokia chairman CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo said in late February the company is “considering” jumping into the netbook market. Did that mean it had not ruled out netbooks? Is it already developing one? In essence, does the    company already have netbook-alikes in the Nokia N810: Smart phone or netbook-alike?

Rumors abound that it is in talks with Taiwanese motherboard maker ECS Elitegroup to build a netbook based on the handset OS, Symbian. One thing is for sure: the world’s leading purveyor of handsets  needs a refresh in the product line and it will most assuredly wants its piece of the estimated 25 million netbook market  for 2009.

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