The Dodge Retort’s new look, features

Yours truly takes a break for the roving photographer.
Yours truly takes a break for the roving photographer.

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, The Dodge Retort has taken on a new look and has become focused exclusively on mobile computing with netbooks as a core topic. In short, TDR has transitioned from a personal blog covering a range of subjects to covering netbooks, handsets and wireless. As the saying goes, focus builds a marketable audience.

What can I uniquely deliver that myriad other sites covering mobile¬† computing don’t already blast out through a firehose? To begin with, I have three decades of not only covering technology, but offering perspective that comes with experience. You will see that here as well as news reporting which is my specialty. Check me out on the about page.

I invite you send me tips, rumors, netbook applications, case studies and if you’re interested in blogging on TDR, please let me know at

The other thing I want to point is the web site of which I am proud. Any web site is a work in progress, but I am have reached some milestones with TDR after three months. First, The Dodge Retort is a real self-hosted WordPress 2.7.1 blog now. This WordPress version is a more robust content management system than auto-hosted which got me started. The chief advantage of 2.7.1 is that TDR can deploy any of the 4,500 free plugins. For example, I can now use Google Feedburner to send out email newsletters (please sign up) and have a range of social media elements that I could not dep0loy with And I will selectively experiment with more plugins. It will also be easier to optimize the site for building traffic.

I’d also like to thank Dan Englander at High Rock Media for his help with the transition. As a web developer,¬† Dan knows his stuff and is wonderful problem solver. My plan isn’t to deploy every feature under the sun. The site will continue to be simple and uncluttered with my thinking and writing as its main asset. I hope you like it and welcome all views, opinions and comments.

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