Netbook (Asus, Acer) Sales Dominate Amazon PC Sales

Perhaps it’s a sign of the times, but netbooks, the cheaper and smaller version of notebooks, are dominating the “Computers & PC Hardware” bestsellers list on Amazon.

They occupy the top 8 out of 10 spots and 17 out of 25. And if you needed any evidence that power in ultra light notebooks (aka netbooks) is shifting away from HP and Dell, look no further than this list. Asus and Acer grab seven spots each to none for Dell and HP. I didn’t see HP until spot 33 on the entire list.

However, it should be noted, Dell only sells one model on Amazon that I could find while HP sold several. Generally, Asus and Acer underprice Dell and especially HP, but consumers have to be liking what they see from the two giant Taiwanese companies. I preferred the HP Mini over an Asus model because it had a superior keyboard.

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