Dell, HP, Lenovo Team up with China Mobile

Dell, Lenovo and HP, which all trail Asus and Acer in the booming netbook market, have committed to building in 3G capability to their respective netbooks for the Chinese market with the hope China Mobile can jumpstart the netbook market there.   China Mobile with a reported 640 million subscribers – that’s right 640 million – will subsidize the sale of these netbooks with a certain amount of free Internet service, according to an IDG News service story.

Netbooks subsidized like mobile phones is certain to boost sales. After all, state-owned China Mobile is world’s largest mobile carrier followed by number two Vodafone.

In the U.S., AT&T has teamed with Acer, Dell and Lenovo to offer netbooks for as little as $50 in Philadelphia and Atlanta if customers commit to a broadband contract. Verizon has confirmed it will come with a similar offering in June, very possibly using HP netbooks.

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