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Mobile technology not on par with desktop

Tweet I  have been on the road a couple of times this year and for all the talk of the mobile technology wonderment, it’s still considerably harder to get work done than at your desk. A colleague years ago wrote that […]

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Whatever happened to Netbooks?

Netbooks were all the rage in 2009 and a dog in 2010. The bloom came off the netbook rose early last year, possibly in anticipation of the iPad

Why don’t I love my iPad?

Well, I've had the iPad for a month and I am supposed to love it. Guess what? I don't know quite what to do with it. It seems like

IPad fun, but an Adjustment for Veteran PC user

I wish I could tell you this is my first post composed on my new iPad, but its on-screen keyboard doesn't come when I use WordPress 3.0 in

Your Apple iPad is in!

Like two million others before me, I am getting my iPad - today. Yes, t minus 90 minutes before I head to the Apple store in Salem, N.H.

Waiting for my iPad

As the Apple iPad touched down in nine more countries, I trekked to my local Apple Store today in Salem, N.H. to buy one. My wife has

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