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The implications of underfunded IRS, newspapers and attorneys general

“There’s absolutely no oversight by the AGs, the IRS is dead in the water and newspapers are bleeding red ink and killing off investigative reporters, so the field is wide open for crooks and scandals.”

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Journalists will like Spotlight, the flick

As a lifelong journalist, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie Spotlight because it shows the power of persistent reporting in the face of long odds. "Show them. Don't tell

When there’s break-ins, be glad police are around

The woman who called the police July 16th to report a break-in at the home of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates has come forward to say she's

Has the Globe gone tabloid cheesy?

I was all over this morning and wondered for a moment if I had ventured onto a British tabloid site. First, there was a 9-shot photo gallery

Boston without the Globe and on Covering Itself

Given its precarious state, there's been more written about the Boston Globe in the past 10 days as in as many years. Three pieces jumped out at

#Boston Globe Dissension in Union Ranks, Newsstand Price Hiked $0.50

While in my last post I waxed sentimental about the Boston Globe, the desperate situation is causing much dissension between Globe staffers and union leaders, several

Boston Globe: My Long Association

My relationship with the Boston Globe is long and varied so it was with shock I read the news that the NYT Co  was threatening to shut

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