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Fit to Print Trailer

Tweet Below is a really terrific video trailer about journalism and all the noise made by 24-hour political channels (er, Fox News, maybe?). The trailer is for “Fit to Print,” a documentary about the decline of newspapers. It features Paul […]

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How to fix Congress

My good friend and high school classmate Gordie Stuart is  far to right of me, but I think his idea of putting Congress on notice cuts across party

This Democrat feels betrayed by Coakley’s Incomptetence

As a Democrat, I feel utterly let down by Martha Coakley. In a word, the campaign she ran against Republican Scott Brown STUNK! Except for the last 10

Police officer miscalculated with Henry Louis Gates

Here's where I think the police officer went wrong with the unfortunate incident this week involving Henry Louis Gates. Rather than apologize at the scene once he understood

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