Dodge Retort to get new host, facelift

The Dodge Retort will get a new hosting server this weekend, meaning the site will be down from Friday to Sunday as my database is moved to Rochen Host from GoDaddy. Within a couple of weeks of the move to the new servers will come a facelift.

The investment in the Dodge Retort demonstrates my commitment to upgrade the blog and post more frequently. The move was also prompted by GoDaddy’s horribly slow servers, which I sure frustrated you as they did me. For months, they were not just slow: they didn’t work as I would often time out, preventing me from posting or even fixing the occasional typo.

GoDaddy’s response was to give me the upsell to a more expensive service. My response? I’m outta here.

I have selected Rochen at the recommendation of my web developer Danny Englander of High Rock Media.  After I have moved to Rochen, Dan will begin working on the new design template.

Thanks for your patience and continued support. As always, follow @thedodgeretort on Twitter.

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