45 Pan Mass donors and counting!

What better way to celebrate a new hosting service and faster Dodge Retort than to run the list of 43 donors who so far have supported My Ride for the Pan Mass Challenge (PMC). In two months, I’ve raised $4,500 for cancer research at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute that the PMC so nobly and energetically supports. The PMC event itself is the 190-mile ride from Sturbridge to Provincetown, Mass on Aug. 6-7. I am pysched! I thank you. The PMC thanks you. Dana Farber thanks you. And the tens of millions with a stake in the fight to end cancer thank you!

Here’s the list:

1) Tom Steinert-Threlkeld, 2) Scot and Karin Wilks, 3) Herb and Imogene Harsip, 4) Peter and Mary Marino, 5) Lark and Annie Madden, 6) Mary and Rich Gianinno, 7) Cathy and Jesse Arnst, 8) Bob and Kay Sonntag, 9) Mike and Laura McCarron, 10) Janet and Dave Splaine, 11) Dick and Joanie Purinton, 12) Midge and Steve Galligan, 13) Doug Chandler, 14) Rich and Jenn Siegel, 15) The Institution for Savings, 16) Christy and Sam Whitmore, 17) Bill and Deb Bulkeley, 18) Paul Gillin, 19) Becky and Stan Coffin, 20) Jessica Davis, 21) Tom Butts, 22) John and Cindy Butts, 23) Bill and Linda Ryder, 24) Terry and Ann O’Sullivan, 25) Tina Bugara, 26) David and Magna Dodge, 27) John and Laura Wolfe,  28) Tony and Linda Hladik, 29) Joan Kelly, 30) John Dodge and Ann Dooley, 31) Jim and Judy Gage, 32) Rick and Kathy Clunie, 33) Eric and Sherry Lundquist, 34) Paul Grayson, 35) Diane Loehle, 36) Beth and Pete Stackpole, 37) Dr. Ben and Sue Heersink, 38) Jeff Berman, 39) Pete Smith, 40) Chris Dodge, 41) Trevor and Melissa Moore, 42) Leslie Fiering, 43) Barry and Christine McNeil, 44) Rose Murphy, 45) Charlie and Val Cooper

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