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On occasion, I like to run guest posts. This one is by Aaron Cooper of the Worth Avenue Group. He makes the case for buying private insurance to cover electronics. Verizon Wireless always tried to sell me insurance for cell phones, which I rejected given how I usually upgrade every 18-24 months. He says the carrier policies are weak. I shied away from Verizon Wireless’  third party offering because, frankly, it looked kind of sketchy.
He makes a good case for insuring Apples products which are expensive. He also makes the case for cases, protective cases, that is. An iPad without cover is like book without a cover. It’s a good read. If you’ve got a good tech idea or opinion and want it to appear here, send it my way. Follow me on Twitter
By Aaron Cooper, Marketing Director for Worth Avenue Group
When buying post holiday-season gifts for the electronics lover, adding a protective case, cover or insurance policy to a phone or computer is like giving a bonus gift that keeps giving—peace of mind that their beloved gift will be protected.
Which type of protection to buy depends on whom you’ re buying for. While cases guard against scratches and bumps, the accident-prone or forgetful person in your life likely would benefit from an insurance policy that will replace the item in case it’ s stolen or damaged.
When deciding whether to buy insurance for an iPhone for example, consider whether you or the gift’ s recipient of are ready to shell out up to $700 for a replacement if  it’ s lost, stolen or damaged.
Is this your iPhone?
Some insurance policies offer limited protection at a high deductible. Consumers would be wise to shop for lower-priced policies that cover both phones and a wider array of electronic devices.
The best coverage protects not only against theft or loss, but also affordably against any imaginable mishap. Think about it. While loss is a prime concern, it takes on even greater importance when giving electronic gadgets as gifts.
For annual premiums as low as $55 with a $50 deductible, buyers and users can purchase coverage from private insurers to protect iPhones, laptops, TVs, iPod touches…just about any electronic gadget against spills, drops, theft, fire damage or other incident.
Conversely, insurance from service providers can cost more than $200 per year with a significantly higher deductible. Most cell phone service providers don’ t insure against theft, fire damage, floods, vandalism or water submersion. Most private insurers do.
Another advantage to purchasing a private plan is the unlimited number of replacement gadgets offered. Most cell phone provider insurance plans restrict customers to no more than two replacements, typically refurbished phones sent by mail. Most private insurers issue checks for the full replacement cost of a damaged or stolen device.
While many people who buy laptops, phones and iPods choose to take their chances by going without insurance, it’ s smart to insure the more expensive purchases, especially Apple products which are popular targets for thieves and cost more to replace.
When gift shopping for electronics, consider giving the extra gift of security by purchasing an insurance plan. At the very least, spend an extra $20 to $30 on a protective case!

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