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When there’s break-ins, be glad police are around

Tweet The woman who called the police July 16th to report a break-in at the home of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates has come forward to say she’s devastated about happened and that she never mentioned the men were black […]

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Has the Globe gone tabloid cheesy?

I was all over this morning and wondered for a moment if I had ventured onto a British tabloid site. First, there was a 9-shot photo gallery

Call firefighting training session one, JD’s new career

My first call firefighting training session went well and was more challenging than I anticipated. I might as well have left my pencil and pad at home because

Ex-CIGNA Exec Pummels Health Insurers

If you've never heard of Wendall Potter and are interested in healthcare reform, listen to what he has to say about private insurers in an interview at

HP Mini w/ Mobile Broadband,

I have not posted for several days because I was busy with my new CBS Interactive blog ThinkingTech at Check it out. We'll cover all manner of smart

Netbooks Getting Colorful (`cept Acer)

[caption id="attachment_1032" align="alignleft" width="127" caption="Seeing red is goal of HP's Vivienne Tam edition"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_1033" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Dell Mini 10v is awash in colors"][/caption] You can have a netbook in

Wireless Internet Still a Bumpy Flight on the road

I'm sitting in the Amsterdam Airport (Schipol) waiting for a flight to Prague after an overnight flight from Boston. The Northwest plane promised wifi, but later I learned that's only

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 Thinner, Lighter w Built-in Mobile Broadband

Updated May 12th Lenovo is joining the bigger keyboard, thinner, lighter and mobile broadband club with an IdeaPad S10-2 model the company let slip on its web site with

Google Interviewing Netbook Users

Google wants to know how you use a netbook and is willing to part with a $75 American gioft certificate if you'll come into their offices this week

Netbooks or Kindle DX for Newspaper Readers?

For the past three days, the Boston Globe has failed to deliver my paper which I have sorely missed given my newspaper lifelong habit.  So I curled up

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