Donald and Hillary or Clinton and Trump?

I read where Hillary Clinton calling Donald Trump “Donald” was a calculated power move. Trump, apparently, highly values the brand equity in his last name so Clinton going informal was a sign of disrespect.

“This is a man who loves his last name so much, he’s embroidered it on tie labels, stamped it on steaks, and splattered it in gold all over a chain of tacky hotels,” according to a story in Slate. True enough.

I’ve reverted back to calling Clinton “Hillary” to “Clinton” as a sign of respect. Most presidential candidates – all males- are referred to by their last names. McCain was never called “John.” Romney and Obama were only occasionally “Mitt” and “Barack.” George W. Bush was never “George” although he was dubbed “Dubya” occasionally.

Update: I forgot”Bernie.” He’s the rare exception – Never “Sanders.” Much love there from his supporters.

The New York Times and Wall Street Journal go the extra mile and call Clinton “Mrs. Clinton” and Trump “Mr. Trump.” In theory, it’s a sign of respect and raises the level of the discourse.

I called Clinton “Hillary” for a while, but thought it too familiar and a touch disrespectful. All the male candidates are referred to by their last names.

So it’s Clinton and Trump in this race. Unless you’re Clinton in a debate with Donald.

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