We don’t want a fake “regular guy” as president

“He (Trump) was just a regular guy, just a working-class guy at heart like everyone else around here,” said a prospective voter in a N.Y. Post article about Trump after Monday night’s debate.

I’ve read a number of barroom polls that favor Donald Trump’s Monday night debate perform. Voters like that he’s authentic, genuine and unscripted. He shoots from the hip, interrupts and says it like it is. Just a regular working class guy.

What?! “Regular?” “Working class?”

He’s the comic book character Richie Rich born to money and appeals to the worst in many of us. Trump is so grossly flawed, he should never get near the White House. He’s so lowered the bar for presidential politics with lies and insults that nothing sticks.

He may say things that appeal to regular working class guys. Trump is many things, but a regular working class guy he isn’t.

Conversely, Clinton is portrayed as canned and wooden. That’s code for prepared, which I happen to think is a top attribute for our next president. Add thoughtful, strategic, smart and restrained. Clinton doesn’t call Trump names. He calls her just about every name in the book.

C’mon folks. We need a steady hand in the White House. You may not like Clinton, but she’s nothing if not steady, smart and thoughtful. She’s not perfect, but no flawless human being ever got to the White House. Even Lincoln had flaws.

The last thing the country needs is an inexperienced yahoo in the White House who’s masquerading as a regular guy. Still, he has earned regular guy status from his outrageous claims, insults, contradictions, distortions and outright lies.

The Post article drew on voters in heavily Democratic western Pennsylvania which is union country and traditionally Democratic. But the region’s industrial base has been decimated over the past four decades and Democrats this time around are getting the blame.

How much the area’s decline can be placed at the doorstep of any recent president is open to debate. Just as suspect is how Trump would ever restore the good paying union jobs that have been lost. Certainly, he’s never explained it other than to bash NAFTA pushed by former president Bill Clinton.

I will cast my vote for the calculating strategist in this race and that happens to be Clinton. We don’t need a regular guy in the White House and a fake one at that.

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