Trump: He’s not that bad

Of course, he is. I just had to write that attention getting headline, which you didn’t see anywhere in Monday’s post debate coverage. We’ve known about his badness since he entered the presidential 18 looonng months ago. Before that, we mistakenly thought he was a joke politically.

There’ll never be enough coverage of Trump’s myriad negatives and one I want to point is his sniffling during the two debates. At first, I thought it could not be a coke addiction, but upon reflection it would be fitting given his hedonistic lifestyle. What’s more, it’s hard to be that big an asshole straight.

Do we drug test presidential candidates?

Other headlines in this election year you’ll never see.

— Trump details plan to kill ISIS (or built the wall or keep Muslins out of the U.S. or  anything)

— Trump urges followers to respect all religions

— Trump forgives Republicans not supporting him.





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