Wireless Internet Still a Bumpy Flight on the road

I’m sitting in the Amsterdam Airport (Schipol) waiting for a flight to Prague
after an overnight flight from Boston. The Northwest plane promised wifi, but later
I learned that’s only available over land in the U.S. Or at least that’s what
the flight attendant told me.

While I have nothing pressing to do on the web, I would have paid to try airplane wifi
to see how it works. It wouldn’t have been the first time I connected from the skies. When
I was on expense account and had a story to file at PC Week, I would use the sky phone
(remembers those in the seat backs?) for a 9600 baud connection for a bloody fortune.

At Schipol, I could connect for 15 minutes for a mere three Euros (about $4), but I can
wait until our arrival in Prague.

Now in Prague.
Marriott wants $22 (450 korunas)a day for Internet which I am paying. Tomorrow, I’ll sponge off my son in his dorm room at Charles University.

I wish I had Verizon or AT&T mobile wireless, but not sure it would work here. As much I praise  that service, sage Tom Henderson calls it monthly “enslavement” at $60 per. Good point.

Walked around city looking at Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Voltava River, State
Opera and other points of interest. Beer is PHENOMENAL! Pilsner Urequell and Kozel dark
are excellent and I don’t normally drink dark. We go to Pilsner Friday.

I have yet to see a netbook here except my own although I’m not looking very hard. Sales in Europe are supposed to be brisk.

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