UP eastbound on Sherman Hill

For any railfan, Sherman Hill between Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming is a thrill and prime for great shots. I did not catch all of the 1.55 percent Sherman grade but did manage to shoot a Union Pacific eastbound with  dynamic brakes in full whine descending into Cheyenne. Location: Borie, Wyoming. Enjoy and follow me on Twitter.

Approaching small private road bridge looking west
Looking toward Cheyenne

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  • Great photos, John:
    The noise must have been deafening as the engines went by.

    Western railroading is really great, coming from the East. The density of the lines through the Missoula, Montana area is inspiring.

    BTW, what’s your favorite railroad magazine? I really look forward to two quarterlies: Kalmbach’s Classic Trains and First & Fastest that covers midwestern traction and urban mass transit.

    Best wishes; thanks for the wealth of information you share. And, thanks for the RT today.

  • Thanks, Roger. The train was heading downhill and east toward Cheyenne so no notch 8. TRAINS is my favorite, but there are not a lot to choose from. Watch a lot of train vids on youtube and have a 100-book library. I used to get Classic Trains and probably should re-up. All the best…JD

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