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The best way to test if companies are using social media is to complain about them. I had occasion to do so twice this week on Twitter. One was a surprise. One I expected to. And one I expected to didn’t.

First, the surprise – Whirlpool Corp. A new fridge we bought had a misaligned drawer. I didn’t so much slam Whirlpool on Twitter as I did Lowe’s where we bought it. But I nano-dinged Whirlpool. Here’s the complaint and response.

ThedodgeretortThedodgeretort: Bought #Whirlpoolfridge at #Lowe‘s. Drawer assembled wrong. Incompetent #Lowe‘s gave me broken drawer replacement, runaround. Fixed it myself

WhirlpoolCareWhirlpoolCare@Thedodgeretort I am sorry to hear about your experience. Please let me know if you are needing assistance.

Pretty good response from an old line manufacturer! We tweeted back and forth and I have to say I was impressed enough to follow @whirlpoolcare.

Lowe’s did not respond on Twitter as I suspected they might, although the store personnel tried to help but ultimately failed to solve the drawer problem. They took a drawer out of floor unit and told me to come get it (grrr). I schlepped to the store only to find the replacement drawer more broken than the one I had.

Unlike Lowe’s flooring people (we just bought carpet), the appliance people could use considerably more training on what they sell. I fixed the original drawer myself by reassembling it – correctly this time. I might have been a little hard on the Lowe’s floor personnel…they were trying.

The other company that responded on Twitter was GEICO, one of the most web savvy companies out there. I complained about a runaround on the phone. Here the thread:

@Thedodgeretort Call #GEICO for umbrella policy…sure, we do that, call transferred, told we can’t do that…gives me another #…on hold…gave up…

GEICO_ServiceSep 01, 11:15am via engage121

@Thedodgeretort: Sorry to hear about the confusion. Here’s the # 1-866-272-5192 -Ivy

This is standard stuff for GEICO. With 615 followers, @Whirlpoolcare is just starting out on Twitter, but at least it is there. Bravo.

But where was Lowe’s (there is a @lowescares, after all)?

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