The Dodge Retort is back!

You might be surprised that you’re seeing regular posts at TDR after an 11-month hiatus. I was off doing the Thinking Tech blog at CBS Interactive’s which took up most of my available blogging bandwidth.

Given I have a substantial number of freelance assignments, I dropped to come back to TDR. The focus is broad but within the parameters of technology, media and other interesting stuff for journalists and tech geeks.  Let me explain:

— Technology because that’s what I have covered as a journalist since early 1980. Most of that time , I tracked information technology (IT), but in recent years, I have taken a shine to stories about big machines like the new Boeing 787 jetliner. So IT, consumer electronics and machines will be my focus.

— Media because I am a lifelong journalist and editor in an industry that is changing as much if not more than others. As they take their lumps, there’s lots to say about media and journalism.

— Other interesting stuff because there’s plenty of that out there too, almost always with video. I pledge the other stuff will be interesting to those who love media and technology (like the post Trip down Market St. post Tuesday).

If you have something to say along about these topics and don’t have a blog, please send your guest post about tech, media and other interesting stuff to me for posting here. Or just comment at the end of one of my posts.

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