Verizon FIOS pulls a fast one

Has this happened you? Verizon (FIOS not wireless) promises you a monthly price, but when you get your bill, it’s higher. Happens everyday, right?

So we re-upped for FIOS in late November for another two years. Since I can never get into MyVerizon FIOS account and Verizon is incapable of sending me email, I can only tell you that we upgraded to the service where we can record a half dozen shows simultaneously instead of just two.

We also now have many hours of DVR record time, all promised for $1-$2 more than what we were paying – $180 a month instead of $178 including taxes and all the myriad charges on the bill. I get my bill and it’s $220 after taking out a one time charge for a movie rental.

We would have never upgraded for an additional $40 a month. Never.

I was irate. The is not a case of my mistaken recollection. I called and told the new guy to listen to the recording of November call detailing the deal. The guy didn’t, but quickly whittled my monthly bill down to $185 a month.

He promised to send an e-mail confirmation of new deal, but it never arrived. I asked why the earlier Verizon phone rep would deceive me.

He indicated the written notes of the November call were light on detail. Little wonder. Still, the new guy swore it wasn’t deliberate and that if it was, the dude would not be working for Verizon.

Yeah, right. He’d probably get a raise.

We have to get Comcast or Verizon to get local sports games. Or we think we do. I never much cared for Comcast, but at least when I’ve changed my service in our second home, the bill is what the Comcast phone rep said it would be.


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