The powerlessness of GM customer service

I figured @GMCustomerSVC must have seen my “My failed GM experience” post given it recently started following me on Twitter. Finally maybe I’d get some satisfaction for a crummy dealer experience and four breakdowns in my 2014 Chevy Impala.

I was wrong. The back and forth between someone(s) at GM Customer Service was drivel. Rather than suggest a make good, they always had questions for me, many irrelevant. That told me they did not read my blog post. All they saw was my Tweet about it and then went through the motions of responding .

This example typifies their responses.

“Good morning John,

Thank you for clarifying and we’re truly sorry to hear about this experience with your previous dealership. We’d be happy to follow up with Deluca regarding any concerns you’re experiencing. Are you currently in need of assistance? We look forward to hearing back from you soon.
All the best, GM Customer Service”

“Am I in need of assistance!!?” Such useless corporate speak.

The best it could do is get a dealer to call me. Sure, that’s just what I wanted. What I expected was the month’s lease payment I was promised by the “previous dealer” she referenced. Or maybe a break on another vehicle. Something.

There was a total eight e-mails and a couple of Tweets. It typifies what galls me about car dealers…that they are more than happy to waste your time with vapid discourse. Profuse apologies wasn’t what I was looking for.

Here’s the last one:

Hello John,

We recognize your frustration and certainly do not want to waste your time. However, please understand, in order for us to assist you in any way, we must gather details regarding the experience with your vehicle. We would be happy to reach out and discuss options with the dealership if you are currently having a concern with your Impala. If you’re interested in us reaching out to the dealership on your behalf, please provide me with the previously requested details. If you are not experiencing a vehicle concern at this time, I will be closing your case unless otherwise notified. Thank you, Samantha N Chevrolet Customer Care

Indeed, I am closing the book on GM and I have two GM vehicles in my garage.


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