Sony’s Proprietary File Formats-Ugh

Files sit locked away in Sony file format jail.
Files sit locked away in Sony file format jail.

Damn Sony and its proprietary file formats. I have a Sony ICD SX46 audio recorder and have used it for podcast forever. Lately, though, it’s got completely flaky with transferring its proprietary audio files and turning them into something sensible like an MP3.

Using the ICD-SX46, I recently did two 20 minute audio interviews with Bill Pulleyblank, a VP with IBM Global Services. I did not want to know about IBM Global Services as much as his intimate involvement with the Blue Gene and Deep Blue projects, the latter of  which gripped the public when a supercomputer squared off in two epic chess matches with grand master Garry Kasperov. The result was a split between man and machine.

But my recordings sit stuck on the recorder because Sony operates with proprietary files. Ever heard of a DVF or MSV file? No, I didn’t think so.

MSV stands for Memory Stick Voice, Sony’s own memory file format. It drives me nuts because it doesn’t work with anything I have, including Son’y own voice editing software. Shouldn’t I be able to right click on start, then explore and find the files on the device to download? Not with Sony which has overcomplicated this to an extreme.  I am even using the Sony proprietary ow Digital Voice Editor 2.31 and have explored every corner of it to understand why it keeps telling me the Sony’s recorder’s files are incompatible. With what!? How!? Why? This is sooo dumb. I’ve changed every setting and this recorder/editor combo was working fine until a year ago. All I want is a .wav or MP3  file to I can edit it in Audacity.

I guess Sony never got over the betamax mentality trying for force its own formats an unsuspecting consumers. By the way, Sony discontinued this line of handy recorders years ago and replaced with models that natively record in MP3.

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  • What are you talking about?
    DVF and MSV are sony proprietary file formats but they work extremely well!! You just have to download Sony Digital Voice Editor which is free on the net! You can hear it cut it paste ite etc etc…. You just can’t do that as easily with the other MUSIC file formats. NOTE DVF and MSV were not designed to be used for music, but for voice.
    You can record voice on MP3 but you can’t do the editing and reviewing as flawlessly as you can with the Sony software

  • @John
    Please read the whole post before you throw two worthless cents in. If you had you might have seen ” I am even using the Sony proprietary ow Digital Voice Editor 2.31″ As for sony I have lost my patience with them and this crap. If you dont have standard connectors on something I am not buying it any longer. Sony is the worst with it. I have a $600 camera that I cant charge or get the pictures off because its a proprietary; charger, battery, memory card, and cable. Its so worthless that I cant even get those locally I have to order them. Fuck you and your proprietary bullshit listen to the guy who did the ps3 from now on usb to us fucking b it just makes sense doesnt it.

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