LED Xmas no better than cruddy old type

Just likework my GE LED Xmas, except mine don’t work

I was hoping LED Xmas lights would be more reliable than the cheap crappy strings of luminescent bulbs. No such luck.

I bought both GE and the cheaper Holiday Living LEDs at Lowe’s last week. Name brand GE is better, right? Two 150-LED strings from GE had long sections with the bulbs out. And that was right out of the box.

It’s been my experience that once that happens, you toss out the string.

Neither new fuses or bulbs which are hard to replace given the workmanship is so bad don’t seem to be the fix. Parts of strings just die after a while…or right out of the box. Clearly, those sections are not getting juice.

Doesn’t GE also make jet engines? Not comforting, is it.

At least the Holiday Living strings worked out of the box, although one half a string purchased last year has failed. I could forgive GE that some of the 150-unit strings had a 148 bulbs, but not the faulty workmanship.

Is this a plot so you buy new lights every year? Or just plain cheap goods from China? Or both? Very irritating.

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