Get a Mac!

John and Laura with their Mac, laughing at me.
John and Laura with their Mac, laughing at me.

The people in this picture are laughing at me. While I  struggle using an underpowered netbook running XP, they happily work on their MacBooks (a Pro on the right). They’re in hysterics. They’ve both offered their Macs to me as I use a netbook with a mere 4 GB of storage. Why were preemies ever built released without decent storage?

That may or may not be my problem, but the images on netbooks jump randomly around as they seem to be adjusting to small 10 inch screens. They  just ate hot tamales.  The fonts blow up to 440 per cent and then crash back to earth at 10 percent. The screen goes black.

Is there something  need to turn off? Turn on? I’m a PC guy, but can’t live this way. Damn happy MacSters.

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