Dell Shows Android running on Mini 10v

Dell isn’t a company that keeps quiet and then all of a sudden blasts out press releases on the  product announcement day. That’s the old model.

Rather, it teases us with possibilities via its blogs. That’s exactly what it did with a video post today showing Android running on the new Dell Mini 10v.

Dell software guru Doug Anson was featured in the video showing that porting different OSes to the 10v is fairly simple. Anson said Android ran “fairly nicely” whatever that means and then put on the disclaimer:

“We don’t have any announced products plans with Android running on a netbook. We just wanted to show you it’s possible to run,” he said. The Android implementation on the 10v was running a browser, dialer and contact manager.

I have to think an Android netbook from Dell is coming, but this could also be a negotiating ploy aimed at other OS vendors, namely Microsoft. He kept emphasizing how Android and Ubuntu, the other OS he showed in the 2:12 minute video, are small and “snappy.” We know Windows XP is not small and snappy is not a word I’d associate with it either.

Judge for yourself.

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