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Gun control: it’s just common sense.

Tweet I read this paper on gun control to the Tuesday night Club on April 2, 2013 Propelled by the tragic shootings in Newtown, the rancorous gun control debate is spitting fire out of both barrels once again. Not since […]

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Poll: Has the Dow Hit Bottom?

I was so optimistic when Barack was sworn in and I am still am, but he needs to tone down brutal frankness thing. We don't need to hear every other day

Today Show Watch: Falling to the Right and News-less

My wife screamed at me to switch the channel during the first 21-minute segment of the today show. Indeed, we have been watching more Good Morning, America and

Swearing off The Today Show

After five decades, I have sworn off The Today Show. FOREVER! It's been a mushy feelgood variety show for years, but this morning's show was the final straw when

Republican Vote Abominable

Maybe President Obama will work hard to get bring Republicans into the fold, but I don't have to. I was sickened when I heard The Big Stim (stimulus

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