Windows 7 on a Netbook Review to be Posted Tomorrow

Many exciting things are on tap for The Dodge Retort and yours truly, John Dodge. From the top:

— Tomorrow, I will post my First Look at the Windows 7 Release Candidate running on a netbook. The review will also be promoted in the PC Pitstop newsletter (circ. 900k!) that goes out Tuesday so it should get great exposure.

— Dell has promised to send me an evaluation unit of its education netbook, the Latitude 2100. I will do a no-holds barred review. Trying to nab a Mini 10v, too.

— The buzz today is that Apple will do a tablet of some sort as opposed to a traditional netbook. Check out the coverage.

— I’m supposed to getting the Storm and LG Versa phones from Verizon for review. The Storm has been out a while, but I want to see why folks are opting for the Curve like I did instead of the Storm.

— On June 1, I will be blogging for ZDNet’s on smart technologies. Stayed tuned for more details in next week or two.

Have great long weekend everyone!

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