Universal Charger Solution: How it Works and What it Will Do

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The Universal Charging Solution (UCS) that will allow all mobile phones to be charged with the same charging unit also promises to standardize the data connection between such things as headsets and connection in cars. The plan is to implement such devices on a wide scale by Jan. 1, 2012. Seventeen 17 major makers of mobile phones are backing and  it appears some will beat that deadline (much of the same functionality and connectors can be found in a Blackberry today).

The standard charger will untether users from proprietary chargers for each model of phone. If you went on a business trip and forgot your charger, you could use anyone else’s under UCS.

I wondered why it will take so long and got the following response from the CTIA- The Wireless Association which on April 1 agreed to back the UCS. Here’s the explanation sent to me by a CTIA spokeswoman:

The 2012 date reflects the time it takes to design a wireless device, source new battery packs, obtain regulatory approval from the FCC, manufacture and ship new phones. Between now and them, consumers will see more and more devices with USB chargers (like the Blackberry). The chargers will be manufactured by the same companies which make them today and whether or not chargers will be included in the box with the phone will depend on consumer preferences.”

The work is being overseen by the five-year-old Open Mobile Terminal Platform consortium comprised of eight mobile phone makers. Below are all the conveniences and functionality that will be afforded to mobile phone users under UCS, according to an OMTP white paper.


-Phone can charge on any UCS charger

– User can keep old charger when buying a new phone

-User can charge phone through laptop or any device with USB Standard A port

-Chargers are brand independent. For instance, a Nokia phone could use a Motorola charger

– Connector can be used for data while phone is charging


-User can connect to any PC or entertainment system supporting USB

– Use port with a headset

– Phone charges while data cable is in use

– Allows phone to be used as a data modem

– Can stream Standard Definition video, High Definition video, digital audio and digital still pictures

– Phone can connect to a car-kit

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