Dell Calls for Netbook Feedback

Dell chief blogger Lionel Menchaca
Dell chief blogger Lionel Menchaca

Last Thursday, Google cast a line on Craigs List for netbook users to survey. Today, it was Dell’s turn.

In its Direct2Dell blog, chief blogger Lionel Menchaca put out a call to users to query them on what they’d like to see in Dell Minis netbooks. Menchaca writes:

What would you like to see in future Dell Minis? (Things like form factor, new features, personalization ideas, operating system support, etc.). What features are most important in a netbook? (Things like HD capability, network connectivity options, battery life, usability, etc.)

Input can shared on Dell’s Ideastorm crowdsourcing site where users are bunt about what they don’t like such as Windows on very machine, trialware and Windows sticks such as “Vista Capable” or “Designed for XP.”

Sorry no $100 American Express gift cheque such as Google is offering.

Lenovo also has active feedback forums for its notebooks, but not for its netbooks.

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