`Un-Hoodie-ed’ Zuckerberg Speaks on Privacy

Here’s an interesting 52-minute interview with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg by Wall Street Journal tech columnist Walt Mossberg and D: All Things Digital co-producer and host Kara Swisher. They grill him like good journalists should, but it prompts him to talk mostly about Facebook privacy and personalization  rather than draw him out for his  vision for Facebook and social media in general (Thanks, Sam Whitmore of MediaSurvey for pointing this out in your latest e-mail newsletter.) .

There’s also a supremely awkward moment when Swisher asks Zuckerberg to remove his company hoodie sweatshirt. After several nervous moments of not knowing what to do, Zuckerberg struggles to take it off and reveals that the Facebook mission is printed on the inside of the garment (” Making the World Open and Connected”).

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