Government would nuke Manhattan

We saw The Avengers and although it’s not typically my kind of movie, I enjoyed it. Good bid of humor, lots of action and a great cast. The flick got 4.5 stars of IMDb. Click here for the trailer.

It’s all the Marvel Comics Superheros – Ironman, Captain America, The Hulk and Thor –  getting together to save New York and the nation from godless aliens. But in a restaurant discussion about the movie afterward, no one in our group mentioned that the Government would nuke Manhattan to turn the tide of the battle.

That angle I found interesting if not a questionable use of my tax dollars. And in a way, it’s frighteningly possible should we be attacked by overwhelming forces from or not from this planet. What would the government save first? Itself, of course.

I won’t let you in on any more of the plot. Go see it….Robert Downey Jr. is always worth the price of the admission – a bit steep at $13, but it was in 3D so something has to pay for those funky glasses.

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  • No discussion because maybe we all intuitively feared we knew that is exactly how it would go down.

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