Thank you, Pan Mass donors!

Thanks to the 85 Pan Mass donors who donated $7,980.18 to Dana Farber Cancer Institute on my behalf. It’s been an interesting year given I was diagnosed with prostate cancer on June 15 so your contributions mean more than ever. I plan to ride my third Pan Mass in 2013. Thanks again to all.

Patrice Kellogg; Tom Steinert-Threlkeld; Tom Adams; Richard and Kathy Clunie; Vic Beck; Scot and Karin Wilks; Pete Smith; Mel Webster; Lois Paul; Elizabeth and Greg Pope; Bob Stearns (twice in 2012!); Cindy and Johnny Butts; Becky and Stan Coffin; Institution for Savings; Josiah H. Welch; Laura and Mike McCarron; Doug Chandler; Cathy and Jesse Arnst; Dan and Elizabeth Leary; Lark and Annie Madden; Tom Butts; Deb and Bill Bulkeley; Sam and Christy Whitmore; Marty and Patty Doggett;  Dick and Joanie Purinton; Tony and Linda Hladik.

Rich and Jen Siegel; Charlie and Val Cooper; Ann and Terry O’Sullivan; Dave and Magna Dodge; Herb and Imogene Harsip; Bill Ryder and Linda Beeler; Diane Loehle; Forrest Speck; Lyman Foss; Doug and Leigh Sector; Evan Schwartz; Barbara and Fred Ianazzi; Beth and Pete Stackpole; Chase & Lunt; Jim and Judy Gage; Eric and Sherry Lundquist; Peter and Mary Marino; Trevor and Melissa Moore; Thomas and Adrienne Abbott; Jim and Grace Connolly; Steve and Midge Galligan; Ethan Taub; Jonathan and Betsy Oski; Bernhard and Sue Heersink; Paul Gillin.

Bill Laberis; Tom Schmidt and Tracy Mayor; Peter and Karen Hartmann; Rich and Kathy Parker; Chris Dodge; Mo Barrett; Katie Dodge; Stew Chase; Ron and Kathy O’Regan; Jim and Priscilla Ragonese; Ed and Andrea Passarella; Mike Zimmerman; Brian Shea; Bob and Marie Pierce; Dave and Beth Koopman; John Sunderland; John Russell; Mark Marlowe and Melissa Bessom; Howard Sholkin; Ken and Betsy Widmer; Rich and Mary Giannino; Chuck Rotondi; Dave and Lisa Evans; Rob Weisman; Steve Arnold; West Newbury Fire Company.

Dave and Karen Coggins; Ann Dodge and Chuck Kennedy; Rich Jaroslovsky; Jim Utterback; Brad Silverberg; Jeff Berman; Dave and Janet Splaine; Marc Cendron; Hanky and Rawly Eastwick.


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  • Hi, John!
    I didn’t realize until I read this that you had been diagnosed with cancer. You are a remarkable survivor! Thinking of you with lots of fond memories and best wishes for your health and longevity.

  • It’s all in the rear view mirror now, Laura. I have a good friend who goes in for prostate surgery tomorrow so I think about it from time to time.

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