Windows 7 Installation on a netbook – Day 3

I’m still stuck because the ancient DVD HP dvd2002e I mentioned in my Windows Installation on a Netbook-Day Two doesn’t appear to work. It doesn’t read CDs or burn DVDs although part of the problem may be that my netbook does not have DVD burning software. My DVD burning software on a CD didn’t load using the drive although both my netbook and desktop recognized the drive.

I tried the Windows 7 download on my desktop because I’ve burned DVDs on it before, but the download got stuck in initializing mode and never downloaded one bit of the 2.35 GB ISO file that needed to be burned onto the DVD to create an install disk. Probably to blame is some security setting that’s disallowing the download. I can’t help but think porous Windows security is to blame for some of this rigamarole.

So I will probably install Windows 7 with a developer friend of mine who I bet gets stuck,too. But he’s a lot smarter about such things  than I am. There’s no hurry because the Windows 7 release candidate will be available well into July.

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  • WOW… u r truly making this very difficult! I downloaded the Win 7 iso in less than 30 min over my wireless connection to my home network. I called my son and asked about burning an image to a dvd adn he guided me through downloading a program that does just that… and less than 30 min latter i had a bootable Win 7b install disk.

    i popped that into a spare laptop and on my second attemmpt I had Win 7 fully installed less than an hour after my first attempt. Not sure why the first attempt failed – i did get an error message about something, but I restarted teh laptop and ran the install a second time and now i’m running my spare laptop with Win 7.

    Of course, i’m not useing a netbook, but the installation just wasn’t that difficult and so far things have been stable. good luck with your multi-day adventure… but it sounds more like a problem with the equipment you are using than the RC-1 Win 7 file.

  • Seriously get a flash drive large enough by whatever means. Transfer the downloaded Windows 7 onto it. Then download Winrar from the internet ( the trial version will do )Unrar the file and follow the instructions from there. You may need to partition the drive on your netbook to retain the original system parameters and installation files.

  • You should have tried installing win 7 via usb thumb drive. This method works very well on netbooks. Although I didn’t install on a netbook i still do this method to avoid wasting dvds.

    More on this method here (says windows vista but also works with windows 7)

  • I cannot believe your wasting space with your article. How about you log all your trials and when your FINSISHED one way or the other then do the article.

    Fed up with drive bye articles….

  • Can you not try and mount it using magiciso or something similar that creates a virtual drive and install from there??

  • John Clemence

    I had the download problem while using Chrome – thought the servers were busted or clogged – until I used IE and then it downloaded (in my case very quickly cos of Virgin Media’s 50Mb broadband!)

  • As soon as I read that your friend had an HP200e I knew right away that it would not work for you. I have an HP200i that is in excellent shape even after all of the years I have owned it. But thanks to HP not developing XP drivers it is now a shelf ornament. You will need to make sure that the DVD reader or writer you get is fully XP compatible. I hope you get all of this sorted out and can write about your first impressions on the software so I will know not to even bother with WIN 7 until at least the first service Pack has been released.
    Have Fun!

  • John
    I think it’s very good that you are writing at the basic level that many people experience. Too bad that some of your readers have to be so sarcastic. We can all learn from your travails, thanks to the very helpful comments that more enlightened readers are offering.
    Keep at it!

  • Jake,

    I apologize for the drive-by article and knew it was risking an irritable response like yours. Thanks to everyone else for their helpful suggestions.

    I am in Europe at the moment and will make Windows 7 happen when I return. Special thanks to Dirk who knows the HP dvd200e. Gave up on that.

    I have totally reserved my impressions on Windows 7 given how far I have not gotten.

  • The download will only work on IE 32bit with windows additional bells and whistles software added – guess who runs Firefox on a 64bit Vista OS…….?

    No probs downloading after installing IE 32bit and two other add ons – you will be prompted to add these.

    BTW The file for a desktop PC is 3.1 GB unless they are different your size seems a bit small.

    I haven’t installed the OS yet as I need to finish building the ‘spare’ PC.

    Good luck, and remember it’s not you getting it wrong it’s Microsoft being damn idiots with their instructions. Surely they could afford to employ technical authors who spoke English?

    Good luck


  • I love Windows 7 it is as easy as sliced bread on my computer. I did a fresh install not an upgrade from Vista and it went smooth. Found every device and driver on the web for some didn’t have to do a thing the whole process took about 1 hour to complete.
    Windows 7 took all the bad out of vista and even added a little speed so in the overall picture i give Microsoft a 9 out of 10 on this operating system. I think everyone will be happily surprised and most will want to take advantage of the 64 bit operating system with extra memory. The proof is in the pudding!

  • wow its seems like you are trying to discourage people from downloading, burning and installing the RC, it isnt that difficult, oh in your “checklist” guess you should have added DVD burning software

  • So, it’s worth the upgrade? I can wait, but really want the final wording. XD

  • I promise…it’s coming next pitstop newsletter….overseas…back on the 21st

  • The upgrade is definitely worth it. And if you do like I did and purchase the Win7 Pro update for half price. Oct 23, 2009 I’ll have the Release Candidate fully backed up and install the production release. I’ll remember Vista for it’s slow performance and constant security permission requests. At least with a newer laptop, it works solidly. I’m not sure about backward software compatibility. WinZip works, IE8 has only a few window management irritations, Nikon Capture s/w works, Roxio Creator 9 Ultimate works and Quicken 2009 and Office 2007 work too.

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