The Comcast repairman just came and left after two days of Internet outages and horribly slow performance. He found some line problems concerning the signal to noise ratio which cut out my cable modem. He replaced some “taps” and said I should be ok now. That was euphemism for “It’s working now. Nothing was wrong with it.” He also left the basement lights on and did put back a small ladder I got for him.

Last night when I really needed connectivity to fix some typos in a post, super slow life-wasting away Internet drove me bananas for about 90 minutes. I made some fixes, but did not complete them. I went to bed knowing there were typos in a post – not a good way to end the day.

It’s an understatement to say how much we depend on the Internet so I leave you with these two videos to show how berserk people go when “INTERNET DOWN! Plenty more where those came from….

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  • 99% of all problems like this are fixed by replacing the F-Connectors on your entry cable (usually a feed-thru at the lightening arrestor ground). And anyone can do it. Get a crimper and some connectors at Radio Shack, (or should I say The Shack) for under 20 bucks!

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