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Identifying with “Disrupted: My Misadventures in the Start-Up Bubble”

“It’s vintage Dan hyperventilating about how he might never have a job or work again. Puhleez. Dan was already tech journalist rock star who could easily get a job even a super tight market for journalists.”

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An ex-cabbie’s view: Leave Uber alone

Print newspapers have nearly been put out of existence by the Internet, but they never went running to the authorities to bar the web sites.

Three way video interview over the Internet, thanks Oovoo

This is very cool. A three-way interview with one person in Brussels, another in Toronto and yours truly in West Newbury, Mass. I was using a MacBook

Verizon Wireless bandwidth, call minutes limits: there has to be a better way

I have been on a work vacation in Florida this week and have used my iPhone hotspot for Internet access. Since that costs $20 a month and it versus

For the past few days, I've been exploring, the new paid web site for the Boston Globe. It's longstanding will remain free and become


The Comcast repairman just came and left after two days of Internet outages and horribly slow performance. He found some line problems concerning the signal to noise ratio

Buying Domain Names Gets You the Royal Up-Sell

Buying domain names isn't quite as bad as buying a car, but it's a similar experience. You just get finished spending 25 grand on a car and then

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