Why don’t I love my iPad?

Well, I’ve had the iPad for a month and I am supposed to love it. Guess what? I don’t know quite what to do with it.

It seems like a toy….great for watching videos, perusing photos and perhaps reading a book. It’s very good for reading newspapers to which I am addicted, but not hugely better than my $290 PC laptop. It competently plays music, but no better than my much smaller and cheaper iPod Touch.

I surf the App Store about every night to find that killer which will tip me from “I like it” to “I love it.” Everybody else seems to.

The iPad technology is sound, elegant and reliable save its annoying habit of dropping my Wifi connection mid-session. My $290 PC laptop doesn’t ever drop as Wifi session.

I just checked Apple’s stock and it’s trading at $257 a share just $22 off its 52-week high. The market must love the iPad so why don’t I. I want to given that I waited a month for the privilege of shelling out $829 for it, but I am just not there yet.

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Update Sunday night, July 11, 10:12 P.M.

The Wifi dropping problem is apparently not unique to me. There are discussion threads in the Apple forum that examine the problem and Apple has a page with about four work-arounds, including adjusting screen brightness off the lowest settings (???), replacing WEP security with WPA or WPA2 security, making sure your router firmware is up to date or renewing the iPad’s IP address.

I’ll try numbers 1 and 4 given they are easiest. If all of them fail, call Apple.

As for loving my iPad, things are looking up. MTV just released a Beavis and Butthead video clip app for a buck ninety nine for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Actually, I’m not sure this is THE killer iPad app.

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  • I bought the Ipad 32 GB with wi-fi. My intent was to use it around the house for e-mail reading, web surfing and watching a movie once in a while. Set up was very easy through my PC and existing Itunes account.

    I liked the physical size and display of the unit. Much nicer than my laptop. The virtual keyboard was too small for me but I could easily use two fingers. I would not use it for more than entering passwords, search terms and brief e-mails.

    32 GB holds my itunes library with 14 GB left over. I would have to be selective in importing my picture albums (32 GB or so). I may have used it as an expensive photo frame.

    It was easy to connect with my home wi-fi network. It does not natively print to a networked printer. One of the apps that I bought promised the ability to print. It needs a program running on a computer that the printer is attached to. It would print from the clipboard and the supplied notepad.

    It is widely know that the Ipad will not run Adobe Flash. I did not know that it will not run Microsoft’s Silverlight. Two web sites that I like need one or the other. I was surprised by how many sites needed Flash to display some content. Also, Safari is the only web browser that can be used.

    I downloaded some free apps and paid for a couple of others. The free solitaire app is not as featured as MS’s and the paid for Soduku not as featured as Wayne Gould’s Soduku.

    After three days of use, I decided the Ipad was not for me and returned it. I will wait for either the second generation Ipad or another company’s tablet.

  • Ray,

    Interesting that you returned the iPad…I am holding out a bit longer…the second generation obviously will be a stronger product…it better support Flash so I can play Word Twist on Facebook….a USB port would be nice, too. With the iPhone 4 problems, I am not convinced of Apple’s infalibility as some are.

    Thanks for writing…JD

  • Atomic web is non-Safari iPad browser you can use if you don’t want to use Safari. Does some things Safari won’t.
    “Enjoy Sudoku” is a great Sudoku app and also great Sudoku learning app. It’s for newbies as well as expert players. You can choose how you want to use it. There’s a free version and a paid version.
    If you haven’t tried Air Video, you’re missing a great iPad/iPhone app. Watch your movies *stored on your computer*, not your iPad, and streamed to your iPad where ever you are. Works over network and 3G. Brilliant app. Free version available, but the paid app is worth ten times the 5 bucks they charge for it.
    Re Flash and Silverlight. Netflix works on the iPad without either of them, so who cares. Adobe can’t take over the iPads and iPhones like it’s taken over all the PCs and Macs. I say hooray to that. Talk about hogs. Adobe (along with Microsoft) invented the concept.
    MotionX Drive is a navigation app with voice guidance that works just like a stand-alone GPS device – for 25 bucks a year. Try the free version and get 30 days free service. Works over 3G, and works on the iPhone and the iPad, and it’s a whole lot easier to see on the iPad, but you’d need the 3G iPad.
    I could go on, but the point is that 3 days or even a month isn’t enough time to check out all the apps that make the iPad worth keeping.

    I don’t have a Mac anymore, just a couple notebook PCs, so I’m not a Mac fan, but I sure think Jobs got it right with the iPhone and the iPad.
    Re the iPhone 4 problems. I don’t know anyone who has any version of the iPhone who does not also have it in some kind of case, which takes care of the “iPhone 4 problem”, if there is one. I own an iPhone 4 and have never experienced the dropped call thing, but I believe some folks do and from their previous experience with older iPhones, they all live in or near Edge network areas, and I think this issue has a lot more to do with AT&T’s lame Edge network, which is notorious for dropping calls, than the iPhone. Can’t wait for Verizon to get into the iPhone game in 2011! Wonderful thing, competition.

  • Couple of PCs do it for me….our iPad is an pricey indulgence….the shine is off the Apple, IMO

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