Verizon MiFi Wins over bundled Mobile Wireless in HP Mini

My full review of the HP Mini Model 1151NR bundled with Verizon mobile broadband is now up at In any case, I give it a B- given the inconsistent bars I got, but it pretty much works as advertised.

A better option for Internet ubiquity is the MiFI 2200  mobile hotspot which I also reviewed for eWeek. The full review was filed yesterday and I will link to it when it is posted.  In a nutshell, the device – smaller than an iPod Touch – is mobile broadband in one end and up to five WiFi connections out the other. And you don’t have to deal with Verizon Access Manager on the host after the first mobile broadband connection is made. After that, you simply switch on the unit and it automatically connects to Verizon’s 3G network.

The WiFI worked well once I understood you have to unplug the MiFi from host where the mobile broadband was the connection was initially made (For a host, I used a netbook running Windows 7 release candidate which worked fine). The device costs $100 and $60 or $40 a month for the ususal Verizon two-year service commitment. If I spring for mobile broadband  given its relatively high cost, it will be for this.

Verizon MiFi charging
Verizon MiFi charging

Meanwhile, I am blogging away about at which covers its namesake “smart” technologies. Check it out. Today’s topic was cameras implanted in a prosthetic or bionic eye.

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