Netbook Free from Verizon for new FIOS sign-ups

A Verizon TV ad pushing a free Compaq netbook caught my attention today. I only caught the tail end of it, but apparently my ears were not decieving me. Verizon has a promotion that started Saturday giving away a free Compaq netbook (said to be a $299 value) to new FIOS customers. Or customers have the option of selecting a free Flip mini flip camcorder instead.

The netbook looks exactly like the HP Mini I bought earlier this year for $399 and returned once I finished reviewing it for Now, they’re giving them away… sort of. They’re free only when you commit to either Verizon’s $120 or $130-a-month Triple Play TV/Internet/Phone plans. With the $110 a month plan, you still have to fork over $100 for the netbook or camcorder.

The deal also includes free HBO and Cinemax for three months, according to some folks kibbitzing about it on Verizon’s site. If only I could get FIOS in my neighborhood!?

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  • I’m noticing that the free netbook deal requires a mid-tier FiOS triple play (109.99/mo), but on the dsl side it only requires a double play (starting at 69.99) with one year contract. That should cause some DSL churn. More info on the deals at

  • Thanks for the info…JD

  • It is very interesting, and also it forces us to think about.

  • Any idea when FIOS will be in the SC market? Every now and then I check their site, but they seem really close-mouthed about their consumer expansion plans.

  • Bruce,

    I didn’t know they were coming to my neighborhood until the trucks were outside laying the fiber. And it still won’t be up for months because the central office
    has to get in the premises equipment. They do it when they do it.

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