MotionX-GPS quickly sucks life out of iPhone battery

Short iPhone 4 battery life is a fact of life just running regular apps like mail and browsing. Throw in  a power hungry app and any semblance of reasonable iPhone  battery life goes down the drain.

Case in point: I was cycling in the Pan Mass Challenge this weekend and using my iPhone to run an app called MotionX-GPS to record the 190 mile ride from Sturbridge to Provincetown. That MotionX-GPS is hungrier than a starved dog is well documented. While it’s a great program for a mere $2.99, its power consumption is a major drawback.

Typically I get a day out of a single charge when I use mail, browser camera and phone. But running MotionX drained a fully-charged battery in under three hours…50 miles into the journey. It was disappointing because I relied on the iPhone to shoot and upload photos to Facebook.

Suffice it to say, I did not run MotionX on day two of this weekend ride. And I was still concerned a full charge even doing routine stuff would not last the day. Fortunately, it did.

There are several ways to extend the iPhone’s a battery: shutting down apps and power thirsty features such as WiFI and notifications. There’s supplemental a iPhone batteries, too, such as the Morphie Juice Pack.

I suspect such measures would have bought me an extra hour or two at best given MotionX’s voracious appetite.

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