HTC Thunderbolt to be Verizon’s first 4G Smartphone?


Now this is the phone I want.

It’s purportedly the HTC 4G “Thunderbolt” that Verizon will show off at CES next week, according to a nice scooper in Droid Life. The piece carried 12 photos of the new device, but not many details except that it’ll have a dual processor. Assuming it’s the same phone as the HTC Desire HD, which the Droid Life story suggests, you can find out more at HTC’s site.

As readers of The Dodge Retort know, I’ve been holding off upgrading to a 3G phone because I want to go 4G. The rub is I am still a couple of towns away from 4G reception. Guess I’ll have to move.

Verizon introduced 4G service in December (my area is Boston), but only with a thumb stick USB modem that can’t be selling many 4G contracts. Yesterday, Verizon Wireless whetted everyone’s appetite by announcing a “sneek peak” of it 4G  “Android devices” at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. I assume that to mean more than just the Thunderbolt. My guess is Motorola and Samsung will be in VW’s booth as well. Like YUH!

And since when is showing off your wares to the media hordes at CES a sneak peek?

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