When there’s break-ins, be glad police are around

The woman who called the police July 16th to report a break-in at the home of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates has come forward to say she’s devastated about happened and that she never mentioned the men were black in her call. She did the right thing and she’s “devastated!”

I raise the issue again because of car break-ins in our neighborhood in Maine where we have a second home. All of a sudden, we find ourselves locking doors when before, we would go days without doing so. Part of the appeal is the casual nature of the neighborhood where we felt incredibly secure. Not so much now.

My neighbor’s car was ransacked over the weekend as were a few others on a side street around the corner. The reality of joblessness, drugs or kids doing stupid things is never far away. It makes me glad to know the police are around and vigilant. I hope they catch the thieves.

Cambridge where Gates lives is far more prone to break-ins. Maybe Henry Louis Gates should consider that the police were also protecting his property, too (or the house Harvard let him live in). That the woman did not initially cite race detracts from accusations of racial profiling.

Much of this will be cleared when the police tapes are released in the next few days and after the Gates and Sgt. Crowley toss back a few beers at the White House. Will they actually drinks beers?What brand? How many?

BTW, comments are running against President Obama for shooting his mouth off about the Cambridge police. My take which reflects many of the these comments is they should have one quick beer and let the president get back to work on our nation’s many problems.

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