Pan Mass Challenge III – shorter but just as rewarding

Pan Mass Challenge
l. to r. Barb, me, Steve, Suzie and Jonathan

My third Pan Mass Challenge (PMC) was shorter this year, but just as rewarding. The weather was much cooler than last year which made the 84 miles single day ride from Wellesley to Bourne, Massachusetts significantly easier – that versus the 192 miles over two days from Sturbridge to Provincetown.

So the ride was over in just a few hours. After showering, co-riders Steve Galligan and Jonathan Oski and I hung out at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA) long enough to down three quick beers each with friends and long time PMC riders Marc Cendron (7), Tony Caldamone (17!), Bill Dolan (11) and Frank Epps (9). The MMA is the midway point of the two-day ride and the end for the one day.

Click here for the 2012 PMC post and here for the 2011 post.

Then we  disappeared into the milling throngs of vacationers on Cape Cod. We will return to the full ride next year.

Three amigos - Duck, Dodge & Hyde
Three amigos – Duck, Dodge & Hyde

My fundraising goal is $6,700 for 2013 and I am a tantalizing $1,000 away. This will be the third year I’ve hit heavy hitter status for grand total north of $26,000 that goes for cancer research at Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

To show how widespread cancer, this is how my co-riders have been affected by cancer: Jonathan Oski’s father died of prostate cancer at 63 and lung cancer claimed his mother-in-law; Barb Livingston lost her brother to leukemia; Steve Galligan is a testicular cancer survivor and I am a prostate cancer survivor. Few in this world are untouched by this horrid disease.

That we all have close encounters with cancer was never a prerequisite to ride together. It just turned out that although many Pan Mass riders obviously have a connection to cancer.

Just how big is the PMC? Here’s some stats on this year’s ride from PMC founder and poohbah Billy Starr w a few comments in parens from me:

9 transfers to hospitals on Saturday; 3 on Sunday. All have been released but one who has been re-admitted after returning home. Congratulations to all for helping us to conduct such a safe event. While not perfect, over 800,000 miles were cycled by PMCers this weekend.


.       5,534 total riders registered (one donor said his daughter was riding. Look for her…she has brown hair)
.       67 %Male / 33 % Female
.       80% Alumni / 20% first year
.       Average age: 45 (hear that? I am two weeks away from 64 and go faster than many of the 45 year olds!)
.       Average years in PMC: 5
.       38 states; 7 different countries participated in 2013 PMC
.       54% Sturbridge start / 46% Babson (Babson was very congested at the start)
.       Heavy Hitter: $6,700 (1,900 anticipated)
.       Top Ten Percent: $10,000 (553 anticipated)
.       65% ride Sturbridge, or Wellesley, to Provincetown
.       Fundraising is up 7% year-to-date (that’s huge, fundraising should top $40 million)
.       $38 million goal

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2 comments On Pan Mass Challenge III – shorter but just as rewarding

  • John,

    It was great training and riding in the Pan Mass with you and Johnathan Oski. Thanks for showing us newbies the ropes and how to navigate the PMC process.

    I would have to say that the experience from start to finish (literally and figuratively) was filled with positive energy. This includes the fellow riders, hundreds of volunteers, and the many people lining the street to cheer us on and offer water.

    Count me in for next year!

    Steve Galligan

  • Right back at ya, Steve

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